Month: July 2018

Accelerated Slimming with Produit Pour Maigrir

The process of slimming can be induced effectively with the help of produit pour maigrir. This is because of the inherent characteristics of the ingredients to accelerate the progress of fat burning and muscle toning. This is like introducing a catalyst to increase the speed of chemical reaction in the laboratory. The amount of catalyst has the optimum to balance the reaction and avoid any harmful effects. Similarly the dosage of produit pour maigrir needs to be controlled within the prescription levels. You get to know about this information by referring to the product catalogue or by consulting your doctor.

Fat Structure and Produit Pour Maigrir

The structure of fat molecule is made of two basic elements called glycerol and fatty acids. Every molecule of glycerol is said to be tightly bonded with three molecules of fatty acid. Hence the structure is called triglyceride.

  • There are two types of fat in your body, namely the unsaturated and saturated forms. When they are present in optimum levels, they can help reducing cholesterol and other toxic elements within your body. The actual problem of obesity is caused by the saturated fats which are obtained from meat, chicken, junk foods, dairy products and oily content. This sort of fat can make the body lethargic and prone to many heart, blood, liver and cardiovascular diseases. Hence the fat burning process has to be balanced. This is achieved by the composition of ingredients in produit pour maigrir.
  • The ingredients of produit pour maigrir are said to be green tea, caffeine, l-theanine and Acai berry. All of them have unique characteristics of burning saturated fat within your body. During the process of fat burning they may not cause any fluctuations in the level of unsaturated fats within your body. This is said to be highly beneficial from your health perspective.
  • The adipose tissue is said to be the main storage place for saturated fat. When this is in optimum level it can help lubricating the internal organs, bone joints and muscles. The task of produit pour maigrir is to remove the excess of saturated fat from these tissues in thighs, chest, abdomen, hips, buttocks, upper arms and lower back.

Fat Burning with Produit Pour Maigrir

Fat burning is a process in which it is broken down into its basic elements of glycerol and fatty acids. The types of fatty acids depend on the nature and composition of fat which is being broken down. An important part of this process is the breaking of bonding between the fatty acids and the glycerol. This process can release lot of energy. This has to be trapped within the muscles and internal organs of the body. This is achieved by the ingredients of produit pour maigrir.

In the initial stages this process could be gradual. Hence you may feel your weight loss is getting slower. Once the threshold of fat burning is reached, you will be able to experience the speedy benefits of getting slim and toning your muscles by Produit Pour Maigrir.

Connor Paddon, the young entrepreneur and SEO expert

Connor Paddon is a twenty three years old Toronto based entrepreneur has achieved milestones by changing the scenario of SEO for e-commerce companies with his API ‘Instant Quote Tool’. He has a prowess in a number of fields, namely- web designing, social media marketing, web development, Google analytics, affiliate marketing and so on. However, his most exercised and efficient skill is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and he is also founder of, which has been ranked among the top five SEO based companies in Canada. He currently own six SEO companies in cities like Toronto, Chicago and L.A. Paddon also co-founded the software company

Paddon rose to fame with achieving great heights of success

He has consulted a great number of e-commerce sites to develop new and improved strategy to enhance their sales, one of the biggest companies being consulted by him is Grace Maternity (who are potential competitor to GAP). Apart from these, Connor Paddon has also founded over ten greatly successful e-commerce stores. These e-commerce stores have sales above 14 thousand dollars to 128 thousand dollars in about four years and is currently the owner of an e-commerce company that makes a business of about $10k per month. His areas of expertise is wide but his best achievements are:ConnorPaddon

  1. E-commerce marketing strategies- Connor Paddon has consulted and advised a number of e-commerce businesses on how they can inculcate developed strategies in order to reach the zenith of success. He comes up with new business strategies by using social media marketing, web designing, search engine optimization, media buying, paid advertisement and much more.

As the twenty-three year old himself says, “What I’m best at is taking a 20,000 foot view of your idea or business and giving you a few quick actionables that probably never crossed your mind. I love creating new creative strategies to get new customers, customer acquisition, information and more.”

  1. Prowess in SEO- Paddon says that his expertise had always been in SEO. He runs over six SEO sites in different cities like Chicago, LA, Toronto. Some of these sites are SEO Toronto, SEO services, SEO Chicago, SEO Vancouver and some more that he has sold. His company Searchboost,ca ranks among the top five SEO companies in Canada.
  2. The creator of ‘Instant quote tool’- business companies contacted different SEO companies at the same time to get quotes. These different companies charged different amount of money, ranging from $100-$10,000 per month, for doing the exact same job. Connor Paddon realised the need to stop this. Hence, developed the ‘Quick Quote Tool’ which is an API that interfaced from Google AdWords platform. It took into account some fifty parameters and extracted data from client URL to produce an instant figure that a company should pay for SEO. This ascended their lead rate by 28x and it gradually went on to become a successful tool and came to be used widely.
  3. Founder of VIP Exotic Car rentals- this is an Ontario based luxury car rental service that has been co-founded by none other than Connor Paddon. You get to choose from a range of luxury cars and the best part of the service is that they deliver the car to the address or hotel you need and also pick it up from you, once you are done. Recently they have also been catering to the needs of luxury car rentals in Toronto and GTA and their wide range of cars and excellent customer service has made them one of the most rapidly growing car rental service