Weight loss

How to Lose Weight with Red Tea?

Red tea is a type of beverage extracted from the red bush in South Africa. People have given it several names to refer to it: red tea or Rooibos. One of the main features of this tea is that it’s caffeine-free.

This drink can be green or red colored but the red one is common because it’s sweet. Despite its sweet flavor, it is incredibly low in calories. Due to this, it is highly recommended as a substitute for other high-calorie drinks. Roobois tea has shown to be beneficial, especially for those looking to shed pounds without leaving sweet flavors.

Low in calories

If you consume 8 ounces, you will only take 2 calories. Drink this herbal tea and you will be taking in 122 less calories than if you drink a 130-calorie soda. It is advisable to drink rooibos once a week to start losing weight at a rate of 2 kilos every 7 days.

Naturally sweet

Since it is sweet, it will help you keep away from commercial drinks. As per the American Heart Association, in America, sugar intake is so high that most people suffer from overweight and obesity. Sugar is, however, necessary but you shouldn’t take more than 9 teaspoons a day. Added-sugar drinks put your health at risk. You can consume something sweet and get many benefits at the same time with rooibos tea.

It helps even out glucose levels

An animal study carried out in 2009 called Phytomedicine, revealed that green rooibos tea aids in the glucose regulation in 5 weeks. This green herbal tea has a compound known as aspalathin which prevents high fasting glucose levels and glucose tolerance issues (more associated to type – 2 diabetes)

The study showed that drinking red tea prevents glucose spikes and falls after meals, making it ideal for diabetic sufferers.

How to make this tea?

Boil some water and add 1 ½ teaspoons of this tea to get 8-ounces of this amazing drink. Its preparation is very similar to the one of other types of tea. After mixing the water with the loose red tea, let it stand for 6 minutes and you will get a strong drink. Letting it steep for more minutes is useless as it won’t become bitter anyway. Put it in the refrigerator if you want it cool. Otherwise, add 2 more teaspoons of red tea plus some ice cubes. It may work well too.

Red tea detox

You can buy red tea detox if you want to try a new method to keep trim. The compounds that this tea contains are present in most green veggies like broccoli. Sometimes, this herbal drink is hard to find because the red bush only grows in South Africa.

According to a famous Canadian newspaper, this is today’s new green tea. It actually functions almost the same way as the green tea does. Its antioxidants and flavonoids are the compounds that do the fat-fighting job. It is an ideal night drink considering that it has no caffeine at all. So far, many people claim that this drink helps drop sizes, but nobody has studied this evidence yet.